Summer Semester 2024

Bachelor Thesis Seminar

Supervising 3 Bachelor Theses in the areas of health and labor economics

Winter Semester 2023/24

KS Introduction to Microeconomics

Introductory Microeconomics course for Bachelor students. 

Selected quotes from student evaluations:

"... the examples she brought were unique and helped in remembering the concepts taught. Amazing all-round."

"First, the teacher always ensured a quite learning environment. Second, she is very knowledgeable about the topic. Third, she has a great sense of humour."

"I really enjoyed the teaching method our teacher used. She explained everything in very clear and understanding way and was always eager to answer all our questions."

"[The homework] was amazing. It illustrated well how diverse economic topics can be and the exercise left me curious for more."

"The professor was super motivated regarding sharing the subject with the class. She made sure even the more "abstract" ideas were presented in a comprehensible manner; the classes were enjoyable to attend."